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  • AGM lead-acid battery charging operation specification!


    AGM (AbsorbedGlassMat) batteries are currently mainly used in vehicles with start-stop functions. AGM batteries have strict requirements on charging voltage and current, so they cannot be charged with ordinary battery chargers. Smart chargers that can achieve accurate voltage or current limiting mus...

  • What is the difference between a gel battery and a lead-acid battery?


    What is the difference between a gel battery and a lead-acid battery? Lithium battery is a kind of battery material and non-aqueous electrolyte solution with lithium metal or lithium alloy as negative electrode; lead-acid battery is a battery that can store limited electric energy and can be used in...

  • The Internal Resistance Of The Sealed Battery


      The internal resistance of all sealed battery is the smaller, the smaller the internal resistance, the stronger the large current discharge capacity, and the more fully the electric energy is released.   Any power supply more or less has a certain internal resistance. In order to improve the load...

  • What Will Change The Charging Efficiency Of Sealed 12v Battery?


      Lead-acid batteries have come a long way. Their workload in research, science, and manufacturing technology is staggering. High voltage, robustness, infrastructure, and low cost will ensure their long-term existence.   weight   We have visited at least 10 factories in China. One interesting thing...

  • Sealed 12v Battery Generally Has A Lower Price And A Longer Cycle Life


      Sealed 12v Battery maintenance tips-prolong the service life and service life:   The two most important tools for taking readings from the battery pack are the hydrometer and the voltmeter   The manufacturer recommends that the number of strings in each battery pack should not exceed 2 to ensure ...