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Auto start with the battery-related difficulties or
Time:2014/11/7      Read:1460
  In the cold winter, car battery power is much greater than in other seasons. The battery power shortage is the car difficult to start a big reason. Because the battery is frequently used equipment, intentionally or unintentionally, will have a loss, it will discharge from
  Which led to insufficient battery charge. The battery power is one of the first electric vehicle to start. Once the power is low, the car certainly not normal ignition, or even other electrical devices are not working properly.
  And to conserve the battery, first for maintenance-free batteries, the general through a circular opening at the top of checking to see if want to change, usually normal blue-green, white or yellow will appear abnormal. Further, the case can be observed through the surface of the electrolyte level of the battery case cue line. For not a maintenance-free battery, if you use a long time, the battery should be sent to the service station to conduct a thorough charge, adding electrolyte to keep the battery in good working condition.
  General battery life is two to three years, close to the life of the vehicle battery, especially ahead of the best replacement automatic models, in order to avoid delaying.
  Further measures can be carried out maintenance operations also include supplementary battery electrolyte, the electrolyte to adjust the proportion of the good. Also clean the battery terminals and apply special grease to protect and ensure reliable start to extend battery life.
  If the vehicle is parked in the open air or in the garage a few weeks do not, you should remove the battery and store in a warmer room, to prevent ice damage to the battery.
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