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Such lead-acid batteries, using them quasi-assured
Time:2014/11/7      Read:1496
  Hear maintenance-free lead-acid batteries, you may still be at a loss, and do not know what, but through a small series about, you will understand all of a sudden in the end is the story behind it, here we went into the maintenance lead-acid batteries in the world now!
  1, sealing: The battery compartment cover, pole double seal designed to prevent leakage of acid, reliable safety valve prevents outside air and dust into the inside of the battery;
  2, maintenance-free: Strong water regeneration, sealed reaction high efficiency, so the whole process without the use of batteries or add acid to maintain water;
  3, safe and reliable: no acid spill, reliable safety valve automatically closed, device explosion-proof equipment to make Race to the battery in the whole process of using more secure and reliable;
  4, long life design: Computer refined design lead corrosion of lead-calcium alloy grid, ABS material, the use of corrosion-resistant and high sealing reaction efficiency to ensure long battery life;
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