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What battery life depends on the length of
Time:2014/11/7      Read:1504
  Maintenance-free batteries do not need to maintain the name suggests is using it like a normal, if not a long time, the best two months of maintenance-free battery charge it the most taboo high current charging.
  Cause the battery to direct scrap shortage, maintenance-free lead-acid batteries used on the car, there are primarily two types, one is added to the electrolyte of lead-acid batteries, one is maintenance-free batteries.
  Maintenance-free lead-acid battery length of life depends not only on the structure and quality of the battery, and is closely related to the use and maintenance. General car maintenance-free lead-acid battery life of about two years, if properly maintained, can reach 3-4 years, equipped with desulphurization devices to restore the lead-acid battery capacity, even up to six years.
  In the season once the battery maintenance is essential.
  The maintenance-free lead-acid batteries removed from the car, you should first remove the negative and then split the positive, when fitted to the contrary.
  The above information is related presentations by Wei industry through maintenance-free lead-acid battery manufacturers to provide for your dedication, if you want to learn more about the maintenance-free lead-acid batteries, please details on our website or call our service hotline we will have specialized experts for your detailed explanation and analysis. What are you waiting for? Quickly pick up the phone to come to an appointment right now call comes in, there are many preferential Oh!
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