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Lead-acid battery pollution problem has been effectively controlled
Time:2014/8/16      Read:1802
  Pollution problems lead-acid batteries have been attracting worldwide attention, in fact, if handled properly pollution problems can be effectively controlled.
  Pollution in general lead-acid batteries mostly in the following three aspects:
  1, the production chain: the production process will produce lead dust lead gas, as well as wastewater discharge.
  2, using the link: red acid and other operations will cause some pollution.
  3, recycling areas: process knocking remove lead-acid battery grids will lead acid outflow caused by acid contamination.
  But nowadays because of backbone enterprises, mainly refers to large formal enterprises, lead-acid battery production process is strict, and lead gas and wastewater discharge their lead dust generated in the process as long as strict accordance with the standards, basically does not pollute the environment ; now mostly lead-acid batteries, in particular electric vehicle batteries, basically are tightly sealed or maintenance-free, so the installation from the battery to the use of electric vehicles until the end, do not need to charge acid and other operations have again, so in the course of basically does not pollute the environment;
  Because lead recycling have greater economic value, so many small businesses are willing to do the work of lead-acid battery recycling, but small businesses often lack the necessary recycling equipment and technology, so the recovery process they often lead directly to the battery knocking, direct dumping of acid remove lead, in the process gave rise to acid pollution.
  Secretary-General of China Electrotechnical Society of Professional Committee of lead-acid batteries Tsui pointed out that to improve industry access threshold, through the legal system and the strengthening of administrative management, and will be unable to carry out environmental investment in small businesses eliminated, promote the industry’s orderly and healthy development . China Battery Industry Association, have been studying the characteristics of lead-acid batteries to increase power and reduce consumption of lead.
  With the continuous development of technology, I believe that in the near future, the problem of pollution of lead-acid batteries can be fully controlled.
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